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Thursday, 22 October 2009
The Simple and Easy Steps in Unblocking Web sites
Unblocking web sites is a extraordinary computer ability that people should appreciate if they want to see the content of proscribed internet pages. To study how to unblock websites, it is best to understand the different systems of entering restricted sites.
Unblocking web site is a best computer ability that folks can find terribly helpful any time they need to enter sites or webpages that are prohibited by the network director. Corporations prohibit some pages to boost the output and performance of workers. However there are times whereby you are in great need to enter restricted sites. Below are some of the sufficient and safe ways that can be used to access proscribed internet pages.

Using the Net Protocol Address

The best and preferred method of unblocking internet sites is by trying the web protocol ( IP ) address instead of the domain name. You can search the IP address of the web page that you want to access with the use of search engines such as Google. However the issue with this is that the addresses that sites use constantly change. For your convenience, it's best to use effective IP address tools like Whois Domain Applications as well as NetScape.

Another useful and fast way of accessing restricted sites is by employing mobile web. To spot the web addresses of the sites, you can use some trustworthy mobile search engines including Clusty, Twitter as well as Technorati. You can also try some of the mobile shopping sites like Frucall, Yahoo Shopping, Housefront and Zillow.

Using Cache

With the employment of Google cache, it is going to be straightforward for PC users to access or view the content of restricted web pages. You can go to the home page of Google and type the command An alternative way of browsing prohibited websites thru caching. Visit the default page of Google and type the site that you need to access. Look at the search outcome that denotes the default page of the website that you want to view. Under the search result, users can find the term 'cached.' click the link to see the content of the site.

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Using Web Proxy

Web proxy is also useful to view the content of limited websites. The stand in allows people to keep their anonymity while accessing the restricted sites. To grasp the free web proxies that may be used, PC users can find the proxies through search engines. Some of the free web proxies that can be accessed or used by computer users are Anonymouse as well as Proxify. Aside from the proxies, users can also use an anonymous HTTP substitute to see the content of restricted web pages. Likewise, there are other substitute servers that can be openly used. To know the reachable servers, it is best to view SAS substitute List Pages and Free Web Proxies.

Posted by jessienolan2228 at 1:25 PM EDT
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